Our successful Kick-Start programme specifically targets the complex needs of Employment Support Allowance (ESA), Job Seeker’s Allowance (JSA) and Income Support (IS) benefit claimants. 

What you will learn:

– How to increase confidence
– Team Building Activities
– Goal and Target Setting – SMART Action
– Employers Expectations
– Skills & Qualities Job Search
– Developing Yourself
– CV  & Cover Letter Design
– CBI & Situational Judgement Interviews
– STAR Method and Popular Questions
– Job searching and interview preparation
– Effective Decision-Making Processes
– Self-Awareness & Professionalism


Working with, and on behalf of, our employer partners we deliver a tailored route-way to engage, select, upskill and introduce new industry talent.

 Our effective Work Academy programme works in partnership with key local stakeholders to provide a client-centric, job-focused, training package. Collaborators will include Job Centre Plus, Local Enterprise Partnerships, Work-Programme Prime and Sub-Contractors, Colleges, Charities and organisations working to support job seekers.


This is a specialised course developed to help customers search and apply for jobs best suited to their abilities and goals. During the two-week course clients will also develop their customer service skills which is highly beneficial to those who wish to enter into retail or restaurant sectors.

Moreover a significant section of the course will be dedicated to helping customers improve their personal and social development. This qualification is specifically geared towards improving teamwork, confidence, interpersonal skills and the development of social relationships for candidates.