Take a look at some of our great testimonials – Winter 2017

Candidate attended a 4 week Kickstart course with Kenny Mcgrath

At the beginning of this course I was unsure if the course would help me progress to finding work and help me to feel more confident when being put in new situations and having to interact with people I am not familiar with. However during the four weeks I have gained confidence in these areas and I feel this course showed me what good customer service is, what employers are looking for in job applicants on application forms and cover letters and how to conduct yourself in an job interview. I will take all these skills I have learnt and use them in the future whilst looking for work.

Candidate attended a 4 week Kickstart course with Debbie Crozier

At first I wasn’t looking forward to the course because I was expecting the same as the other courses I have been on. Boy was I wrong!  Overall I have enjoyed all parts of the course and began to stop thinking negatively about future courses. Debbie my tutor was warm and friendly from the beginning and helped me overcome confidence issues I had come in with. The biggest obstacle for me was talking and sharing my ideas in front of our group but with help and guidance from debbie and a bit of motivation from the group itself I was able to do it. I would recommend the kick start course to everyone.

Candidate attended a 4 week Kickstart course with Kenny Mcgrath

The course was the first time in 7 years I would have to work closely with a group of strangers in seven years however the tasks set were well designed so that its easy to integrate despite us all having different backgrounds and experiences.  My confidence in team work particularly team leading has increased and I feel ready to start in my new role when the situation arises team work is vital. I was grateful that the national careers service came in and helped me create my first C.V as this will open up more opportunities in the future. I enjoyed the course and was glad to get back into a routine each day.

Candidate attended a 4 week Kickstart course with Ian Dunn

This course has been very helpful in preparing myself in order to back into work particularly with filling in job application forms and dealing with job interviews. The course has been open and enjoyable with ideas, views and information being passed around the group. The course has helped with my confidence in dealing with future obstacles that I will need to deal with in order to get back into work.



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