Read some of our latest testimonials – Summer 2017

“This programme has already had a positive effect on my life. I feel more confident in myself and in my abilities. I feel more able to succeed in my placement and confident that I can do all that is asked of me. I enjoyed working with others and the tasks that we were asked to do. Our tutor was fantastic; she explained everything and kept the class interested in every subject. She has really helped me learn more about myself. Thank you!”

 – Candidate on our four-week course in Liverpool 


“I have enjoyed the course and meeting a great group. The great fun we’ve had was immense. The course has helped me in a way that I thought it never would. I came to this course with a low self-esteem and hardly any confidence. With having a great Trainer and great group I can walk away after completing this course with self-belief”

  – Candidate on our four-week course in Liverpool


“The First day I thought it was going to be boring but for the whole two weeks I thought it was really good. I felt at home, our Trainer is good and he always smiles and makes me feel welcome every day. He made the course really good because he is a really good helper and easy to talk to. I have more confidence in me to apply for the jobs I want and gained more confidence in interviews.  Thank you!”  

 – Candidate on our two-week course in St Helens

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